Late Autumn movie ticket event winners!

Congratulations to the following winners:

Emily Chao

Vivian Law

Diana Tran

Michael Uyeno

Daniel Mckendrick

Shirley S.

Jenny Lee

James Yoon


Hana Kim Pyon

Doug Lee

Judy Kim


We will be contacting you shortly for your information.

Thanks to everybody for the cooperation and participation!


We have a promotional event for "Late Autumn" in action.
By participating in the event, you get a chance to win 2 FREE movie tickets to see the movie.

Here is how you enter: 

1. Please "Like" the Facebook fan page called "Asian Movies N More" and share it with your Facebook friends.
2. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?
If you have, then please share your story with us! Please send in a short paragraph of your love-at-first-sight story to cjent310@gmail.com.

Please state along with your story WHERE you found this event. (i.e. blogspot) 

The DEADLINE for this event is June 12th, 2011. Only 3 more days!!!